Galactic and Tipitina’s created the Tip-It Foundation to support and promote the future of the Gulf South’s music, culture and heritage via the Tipitina’s venue and brand. The mission of the Tip-It Foundation is to elevate musical and cultural legacies through community outreach and education. Tip-It is a donor-advised fund that works in partnership with like-minded charities to further these goals.

Tip-It Foundation is a donor advised fund administered by the Greater New Orleans Foundation.  Your contribution is tax deductible.

Checks should be written to:  Greater New Orleans Foundation.  Tip-It Foundation indicated in memo.

To donate by credit card, please click the ‘Donate’ below.





Big Tipper Level: $3,000.00 (checks only)

Big Tipper membership entitles you and a guest unlimited entry to Tipitina’s for one year excluding benefits, fund raisers, and private events.

To become a Big Tipper, please contact us at bigtipper@tipitfoundation.org