♥ Friend Indeed ♥

Covid-19, and the measures to stop its spread, have hit the staff at Tipitina’s extremely hard – the bartenders, security, door and production staff now have no income. ⁣⁣
These are the people who work tirelessly year-round to help bring us the extraordinary “Tipitina’s experience” we all cherish.⁣⁣
To help our amazing staff, we are offering an “advance drink purchase” to anyone willing to donate money that directly benefits them.⁣⁣
All donors will receive a drink voucher for a show at a later date as a special THANK YOU so we may raise a glass to better times.⁣⁣
Please consider donating at the links below:





The Tipitina’s Top Banana: $10,000⁣

What You Will Receive? Access for you and a guest for life.

Yes – Life.

For more information, please contact Brian Greenberg at Brian@Tipitinas.com

(Offer is non-transferable and excludes benefits/fundraisers)⁣


We would like to thank world-renowned New Orleans artist Frenchy for giving us the amazing opportunity to sell some of his paintings in an effort to help raise money and support the Tipitina’s staff currently unable to work due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.⁣

The first painting we are offering portrays The Radiators and was painted live during their first night of this year’s Family Reunion (Jan. 16th, 2020).⁣

Bids for this auction will be open starting Thurs, Apr 2 @ 12 PM CST and will go until Thurs, Apr 9 @ 12 PM CST.⁣
More information on the auction can be found at:⁣


Please show your support and scoop up this one of a kind piece of Fishhead memorabilia!