"Adult Bedtime Stories" with Chuck Palahniuk

& Special Guests Chelsea Cain and Monica Drake

October 10th 7:30pm
Day of Show: 

Garden District Book Shop is excited to present a very special event. This exclusive event is your chance to experience - first-hand - the wicked, and wickedly funny, mind of Chuck Palahniuk.

Put on your favorite pajamas and join us for Chuck Palahniuk’s Adult Bedtime Stories.

From cult icon author Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, Choke) comes Doomed - the sequel to 2012's Damned. And to celebrate the release of his book and his first appearance in New Orleans, we will be having an adult pajama party where Chuck and two of his friends who are fellow writers of their own dark-humored esteem, will be joining in! There will be prizes, trivia, toys, and much irreverent humor. So don your favorites PJs (seriously: wear pajamas), grab your teddy bear (yes, seriously, bring a stuffed animal).

In addition to getting a chance at winning a special (possibly disturbing) prize, each ticket includes a pre-signed copy of Chuck's latest novel, DOOMED**.

This follow-up to DAMNED continues the adventures of Madison Spencer, a very overweight, very snarky, and very dead, thirteen-year-old girl. This time, instead of being trapped in Hell, she's trapped on Earth, or as it's known in the afterlife: Purgatory.

** In order to have a long, fantastically rich event, and save you the trouble of waiting in line for hours, Chuck, Chelsea Cain and Monica Drake will be pre-signing books. There is no post-event signing at this event.