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Nod is an up and coming band from Louisiana that is the essence of good Rock music. Nod mixes blues, punk, and straight up rock and roll into a new and fresh style that will keep you coming back for more.

What is NOD?

The word NOD is a reference to the mysterious land of NOD, east of Eden, where Cain is exiled to after killing his brother Abel, but was also taken from a Sanskrit root meaning sound. It is often used in the compound Nadabrahman, which is God as sound (and conversly sound as God).

Nod consist of:
Rusty Gregoire - Vocals
Shannon Louque - Bass
Justin Marino - Drums
Brandon Faucheux - Guitar

In the beginning...

Tired of being force fed soulless music, Nod's sound is raw and unadulterated. Influenced by everything from the Seattle grunge scene to B.B. King and Black Sabbath, Nod is a fusion of punk, funk, and metal, yet Nod likes to call their music just straight up rock. Limitless energy and high-octane shows have given Nod the reputation of being a hard-hitting and hard-working band both on and off-stage.

Hitting the music scene in 2004, Nod quickly became known as "one of the best bands in Louisiana." Not timid with getting their hands dirty, Nod takes promotion to another level with aggressive tactics and street teaming.

In just a short time, Nod has played some of the best clubs in Louisiana including The Hard Rock Café (NO), Click's Billiards (Baton Rouge), Ponchatoula's Strawberry Festival (2nd largest festival in LA), Mule's Pub (Hammond), The Buzz (Hammond), Natal's (Slidell),Changes (Lafayette), Hammerheads (Metairie), Augustine's (Hammond), The Sports Corner (formally The Firehouse in Covington), Hi-Ho Lounge (NO), Burmaster's Basement (Arabi), Ledbetter's (Ponchatoula), The Bar (Fat City), Southeastern Louisiana University... and more.

They have performed with many regional acts like Maven, Chris Grey, In Medias Res, 68 Rouge, and Revelation Theory and national acts like Zebra. Also, Nod's first self titled album has gained support on UC Music, a music video TV show and has been charted in the CMJ on KSLU 90.9 fm, as well as being featured on KLSU 91.1 fm, KOOJ 93.7 fm, KKND 106.7 fm.

Nod is constantly trying to take it to the next level by going back into the studio every summer to record more of their "unique sound". But most importantly, Nod is taking their stage presence and their ability to promote on the road in order to pollute the nation with their music.

Recent Additions

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