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Michael Patrick Welch

Since 2004, under the auspices of Young Audiences of Louisiana in schools all over New Orleans, Michael Patrick Welch (Mr. Michael) has pioneered a 'Music Writing' curriculum that he describes as, "... a writing class disguised as a music class." Along with writing and publishing hilarious and critical reviews of albums by New Orleans artists in various alternative weekly newspapers, the students also learn to make beats and, most importantly, compose (an re-write and revise) rap lyrics tackling different themes the students themselves devise.

These songs did not come easy; they were not simply constructed on a computer. The students practiced and practiced their songs as groups, to record them totally live, which meant learning a lot of structure and cooperation. Other than the little bit of guitar and keyboard Mr. Michael added during mastering, this is 100% student art. http://youngaudiences.bandcamp.com/

Recent Additions

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