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Little Freddie King

LITTLE FREDDIE KING (New Orleans Bluesmaster) Freddie is a key figure of New Orleans’s music scene and brings unrivaled enthusiasm, passion and style to each of his live musical performances. As the blues evolve, artists with Mr. King’s life experience and exposure to earlier generations of this music are slowly disappearing. Mr. King has lived the archetypal blues man’s life. He started out playing on homemade guitars, rode the rails and his hard life has led to literal scars on his body that is almost unimaginable. Mr. King has now been performing for nearly fifty six years. Despite leaving school at fourteen, he has truly become an educator and symbol of a music that grew out of poverty and racism but brought joy and some measure of pride to workers who had too little of both. King has become a staple in the community. Still today, Freddie plays with the same spirit and vigor as he did when he first came to New Orleans as a teenager. Freddie’s style – rooted in the American root blues – has developed into the unique mix of country and urban blues style that we hear today. Freddie’s contribution towards New Orleans’s culture, though, extends beyond his musical performances. Not only has he played at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival for over forty-five years, Freddie serves a Charter Member of the Festival and is also a Charter Member of the New Orleans French Quarter Festival. His leadership in this regard has helped bring thousands of visitors to New Orleans and has bolstered our tourism industry. Furthermore, Freddie is one of New Orleans’s great cultural ambassadors as he has extended his music and travel beyond the City to a national and global audience. Little Freddie is a music treasure in the city and is a part of why New Orleans is one of the great cultural gems of America. Submitted by MadeWright Records “Wacko” Wade Wright, owner

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