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Lanzallamas Monofonica

Lanzallamas Monofonica is a 7 piece ensemble from Miami charged with melodic fire and global rhythmical chemistry. The palette consists of a wide array of percussive instruments such as the cajon, steel pan, tumbas, timbalitos, Afro-Brazilian hand percussion and drumset. Elegant layers of acoustic guitar, cuatro, violin, and piano complement and enrich the sonic concept, with the heartbeat of the bass and breath of the flugle horn to deliver a very unique sound. Simple and memorable melodies are brought to life within the lyrics, focused on unity and love, are presented in multiple languages including Spanish, English, Portuguese and Serbian. The mission is clear; to create music of a "Monophonic Essence" - the one sound that encompasses all. Lanzallamas Monofonica is a band of substance with a skin of upbeat, appealing colors for an audience as diverse as the group's members.

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