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Kevin O'Day

If you could only use one word to describe New Orleans drummer Kevin O'Day, that word would have to be "versatile." He is skilled in a plethora of styles from traditional jazz to the Hip-Hop beats of the 21st century. Kevin now plays with some of the most happening bands in New Orleans, including Alive (his long standing Hip-Hop project), Midnite Disturbers (an all-star brass band that Kevin co-leads with Stanton Moore), and POSSE (a rock band that often features Dave Malone and Reggie Scanlan of the Radiators as special guests).

In a town filled with great drummers and renowned across the globe for percussive innovation beginning with the great jazz innovator Warren "Baby" Dodds, O'Day stands out as the go-to guy for gigs of any variety. He is regarded among his peers as a drummer's drummer with a passion that never wanes and a sympathetic ear that defines musical telepathy.

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