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Jake Smith

Growing up in New Orleans and still residing in the area, Jake Smith knows his roots and influences. However, where is he really coming from? This is an entirely different question.

Some listeners first met Jake in 2007 when his opening effort was picked up for national distribution in a serendipitously short-lived deal. As the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported, “He and the label ultimately disagreed on the direction his music should take. He was not entirely displeased when (the label closed), freeing Smith from his contract.”

Since then, this 26-year-old has reclaimed his independence with vigor, selling out local shows at the House of Blues, playing shows with Grammy-award winning artists and landing a main stage gig at his hometown’s annual JazzFest just before Better Than Ezra and Dave Matthews Band. With that debut drama in the rearview mirror, Jake Smith is happy to be growing up before a growing audience—and is clearly moving on these days.

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