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From classic roots to the beats of a Dance-Hall style,The Elements are pumping out the reggae rhythms stronger than ever. A flavorful Louisiana roux of cultural influences is the gumbo that makes The Elements one of Louisiana's premiere reggae bands. The Elements are a truly diverse group put together with members hailing from the southern parishes of Louisiana, the Caribbean, the British Isles, and Latin America. Each member bringing to the mix his own musical influences such as Jazz, Soca, Latin, Rock, R&B, and The Blues. These cultural and musical influences simmer in a Louisiana melting pot that produces a unique Elements style of reggae music. Since 1983, The Elements have been soaking up the reggae vibes performing with and backing up some of the biggest names in reggae music. The Elements have shared the stage with Steel Pulse, Third World, U-Roy, Yellow Man, The Wailers, and many other reggae greats. Jamming together for over a decade has molded the unique sounds of The Elements into one of the most rootsy of the classic dubs in reggae music today. It is The Elements' credo to instill in all people an awareness of reggae's important role in the enrichment and development of the human spirit!

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