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Drivin N' Cryin

That name has always said it all - These three words - Drivin' n' Cryin' - tell the story of some people's lives: the freedom, the heartbreak, the ride toward dreams of better things. Countless followers have rallied to the call of d'n'c' ever since the group exploded out of Atlanta and began their epic as one of the great live bands of all time. Their hits - "Fly Me Courageous," "Scarred but Smarter," "Build a Fire," "Honeysuckle Blue," & "Straight to Hell" - brought Southern rock to its peak of concise, passionate eloquence. Driven by a lethal rhythm combination, with Tim Nielsen on bass and Jeff Sullivan on drums, the unmistakable voice and lyrics of Kevn Kinney burned like a brand into the hearts of fans - not just bedrock believers from Dixie but Americans in every corner of the country.

Beyond these tracks, their albums teemed with vivid narratives and hard-hitting performances that expanded through time in half a dozen directions, from the punk and country foundations of Scarred but Smarter through the hard-rock and metal sheens that toughen Whisper Tames the Lion, Mystery Road, Fly Me Courageous, and Smoke, and on to the acoustic and keyboard textures that spin webs of intimacy through Wrapped in Sky.

But the true D & C experience transpired then, as it does now, onstage. It's there that the band redefines itself, playing always with the polish its members picked up on the road and the energy of a neighborhood garage band stretching its creative wings. --jambase.com

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