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Bob Schneider

"I have a feeling people are never really gonna know who I am," Bob Schneider says.

How do you package a tale that bounces between Germany and Texas, and between opera, art school and sleazy rock clubs? How do you convey the roots of a genuine Austin phenomena; how he's led three of the town's most popular bands and played to sold-out crowds as many as four times a week for nearly a decade? And most importantly, how do you explain to people that it's really a simple formula; remarkable charisma and extraordinary songs add up to someone you can't help but rally behind?

"My favorite songwriters never wrote songs that sounded the same or had the same general feel," Schneider says explaining the album's eclectic nature. "How could I expect to keep myself, let alone anyone else, interested if each song didn't do it's own thing or follow it's own path?"

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