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Band of Horses

"Now it's hard to remember it any other way." Band of Horses singer Ben Bridwell's compellingly evasive lyrical style will never let the listener on to the exact intent of this line as it appears in "Neighbor," the expansive Infinite Arms album closer, but taken out of the context of the song it becomes a sentiment of currency. The present state of the band is as close to ideal as rock n' roll can be. Having assembled a true creative and personal collective, designed and signed the record deal of his dreams, and made a fantastic new album free of any influence other than his onstage brothers in arms, it's hard to imagine that Bridwell cares to dwell on any time but the present. It took nearly 2 years, virtual bankruptcy, five states and a dead falcon to get there, but Infinite Arms is the product of a band doing things on their own terms and finally learning to enjoy the results.

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